• So Long, Super 80

    Celebrating the MD-80 with a scanned copy of the January 1981 Configuration Guide

  • WWDC 97 Videos

    A rare CD set brings twenty session videos from WWDC 97

  • Looking Back at WWDC 97

    On the eve of WWDC 2017, I'm starting a new series of posts looking back at past WWDCs. My aim is to make original slides/videos publicly available for the sake of preservation, add historical context, and find interesting tidbits: undelivered promises, unrealized possibilities, presenters who would later rise through the ranks. First up: WWDC 97

  • Replacing the sunroof switch on my mk6 GTI

    Replacing the malfunctioning sunroof switch on my mk6 Volkswagen Golf/GTI

  • Porting SSA Detailed Calculator to Xcode/Intel: Part 2

    Using CodeWarrior to build the Detailed Calculator as a Mach-O binary